『SUPER JUNIOR-LEETEUK FANCLUB EVENT 2019(provisional)』decided!!

Ituk is the leader of Super Junior holding two concerts in the past,
will be making a solo event as a fan club!!
It is already an annual event, where it will be held this time with Itock's Japan rare tour!?
Based on a cheering tour talks by uniquely Itock, we are planning a good project to enjoy with you all♪
Let's make good memories with Itock!!
Please check it!!

【Time and Date】
April 30, 2019 (Tuesday, public holiday)
1st: open venue at 13:30/ show starts from 14:30
2nd: open venue at 17:30/ show starts from 18:30

The Shinjuku Foundation for Creation of Future, Tokyo
※Venue and schedule are subject to change.
※As for details of event, they cannot answer you even if you make an inquiry to fan club and venue.

【Ticket Price】
All the seats are reserved: 7,800 Yen  (tax inclusive/ fees inclusive/ souvenir inclusive).
※The souvenir is provided on the date of the event.

【Applying conditions】
Only for E.LF-Japan members.
(Only E.L F=-JAPAN members , who win the ticket lottery will be entitled to entre.)
※Booking in advance for tickets limited for E.L F-JAPAN can be subject to all members of the membership at the time of the end of February 2019, who has joined a member (paid) by 23:59 28 February (Thurs) 2019 and issued its membership number.
※If you have a winning ticket, the condition for entering to the venue is your valid membership as of April 30, 2019. Please be aware that you cannot enter the event if your membership is expired on the date of event.
※Those who are younger than elementary school student are not allowed to enter it. The elementary school student and those older than them have to pay.
※If an elementary school student applies for it,  he or she has to be accompanied by a fan club member of age 18 and older. Please apply along.
※If the ticket wins, you are allowed to enter it if membership number you applied is valid until the end of April 2019.

※We will announce details of the event and how to apply for reservation of lottery of the ticket as soon as we decide them.

Please check joining "E.L.F-Japan" here.