『SUPER JUNIOR FAN CLUB EVENT 2019(Provisional title)』& 「Meet&Greet」 to be held!!

SUPER JUNIOR Fan Club Event will be held for the first time after a year and a half!
This time it will be held at Nippon Budokan!!

What's more!
There will be a big present for E.L.F-JAPAN friends from SUPER JUNIOR members to celebrate this event!!
We will invite altogether 200 persons of 50 persons for 1 performance who have chosen and payment was confirmed to members and 「Meet&Greet」!!

It must be an event where members of E.L.F-Japan enjoy very much again this time!!
As it was decided to be held, you are in time for being accepted to fan club by priority if you join Super Junior Official Fan Cub E.L.F-Japan until 23:59 of April 4th Thursday tomorrow!!
Please to be sure to join in♪

※Regarding to apply for ticket lottery and etc, we will tell you as soon as it is decided.


SUPER JUNIOR FAN CLUB EVENT 2019 (provisional title)

■ June 20 (Thurs.) 2019
First: Opening at 13:30/ Starting at 14:30
Second: Opening at 17:30/ Starting at 18:30

■ June 21 (Fri.) 2019

First: Opening at 13:30/ Starting at 14:30
Second: Opening at 17:30/ Starting at 18:30

Nippon Budokan
※Timings for opening of venue and start of event may change
※All enquires regarding the contents of the event will not be answered.
※Please note that the participating members may be changed without any announcement.

【Ticket price】
Designated seating ¥8,600(Tax and Ticket Surcharge included)

【Ticket Purchase limit】

Only FC members allowed to enter, two persons' tickets can be booked at a time.

【Condition of Application】
E.L.F-JAPAN club members only

(Amongst those who won tickets, only E.L.F-JAPAN members can enter the venue.)
※Pre-orders of the tickets for E.L.F-JAPAN members apply to those who became a member and membership number has been issued by April 4 (Thurs.) at 23:59, 2019 and also those who are members at the end of April 2019.
※If a ticket is won, the person should be a member at the end of June 2019 to be eligible to enter the venue.If a person's membership is not valid on the day of the event, he or she cannot enter the venue. Please be noted.
※Those who are younger than elementary school student are not allowed to enter the venue. Those who are older than elementary school student have to pay admission.
※If an elementary school student applies, a fan club member who is older than 18 years old must accompany him or her. We ask them to apply together.
※If a person wins a ticket, he or she can enter the venue if the membership number applied is valid as of the end of April 2019.

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