"The Lonely Flame (寂寞煙火) -Japanese Version" by ZHOUMI will be out on the websites at May 6th (Mon▪public holiday) at 12am!!

The Lonely Flame (寂寞煙火) -Japanese Version which was released in China and Korea last December will be released on May 6th (Mon▪public holiday) at 12am!!

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※It will be accessible to each dissemination site tarting from Monday (national holiday) May 6.
Before then, it will be linked on the top page of the official site.
※Please note that dissemination time differs by each site.

Also, it is decided that a set made of a musical card and an acrylic stand that will allow you to download the soundtrack and visual material of The Lonely Flame (寂寞煙火) Japanese version will be on sale during the Solo Fan Meeting to be held on May 6!!
Don’t miss it!!

●Mi-Mi's acrylic stand (3 kinds・Including music card)  1,800(Including tax)

Here is the detail:

The sign meeting will be held for these items!
Here is the detail: