「SUPER JUNIOR-Leeteuk solo travel - Kagoshima version-」will be broadcasted on dTV channel 「Kchan!KoreanTV」!!

Leeteuk was held the solo event, 『SUPER JUNIOR-LEETEUK FANCLUB EVENT 2019「Memory」Leeteuk solo travel in Kagoshima』today.
Leeteuk announced by himself in the event. We broadcasted the film of the travel Leeteuk went to Kagoshima, in this event, will be delivered in dTV channel 「Kchan!KoreanTV」starting from May 27!!

He actually went various places of Kagoshima except the places broadcasted at the event, and experienced a lot!!
What's more, the pre-delivery of digest version is fixed on May 11 (Sat)!
Please check this out!!

■ Program information
『SUPER JUNIOR-Leeteuk solo travel - Kagoshima version-』

The film is set in Kagoshima, Kyushu.
He enjoyed local produced gourmet by clearing the mission that the director handed over.
He challenged sea kayak with seeing Sakura island, was flurried to try sand bath for the first time.
And, there are a scene of meeting local people, and comfortable scene that he played with a cat.
It is Kchan! original program that you can enjoy his various aspects.

<Delivery information>
『SUPER JUNIOR-Leeteuk solo travel - Kagoshima version-』
It starts in 「Kchan!KoreanTV」delivering on dTVchannelⓇ on May!

【Digest version pre-delivery】
● Starting from May 11 (Sat) 12:30

【First delivery】

● Starting from 10:00 at night, May 27 (Mon)
Every Monday, 10:00 at night, and so on

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