Announcing bonus items for purchasers of tickets to the Musical "When I was 30 years old" season 2!

Ryeo Wook has announced a bonus item for purchasers of tickets to the Korean musical "When I was 30 years old" season 2, which is set to be performed in Osaka at the end of June and in July in Tokyo. ♪
You have to check it out!!

■Performance name: Musical "When I was 30 years old" season 2 JApan tour

■ Performance schedule
○ Osaka performance
[Performance dates] June 27, 2019 (Thursday) / June 28 (Friday)
[Venue] Osaka Yao City Cultural Hall Prism Hall (Access)

○ Tokyo performances

[Performing Date] July 3, 2019 (Wednesday)/ July 4 (Thursday)/ July 5 (Friday)
[Place] Tokyo Itabashi Ward Cultural Center Large Hall (Access)

■ Ticket fee
reservation of S seat ¥13,000 (tax included)

[Special Page URL]

[Application URL]

<SUPER JUNIOR-RYEOWOOK> bonus item for ticket purchasers 

◆ "High-five" +"Send-off meet" for everyone who watched the RYEOWOOK live performance
◆ We are holding a "Meet and Greet" special event for those who have attended the RYEOWOOK performance 5 times or more! 
「Meet&Greeting」tentative date:
<Osaka> June 28, <Tokyo>July 5

<Bonus item schedule>

[Osaka] June 27 and 28
*On the 28th a "Meet and Greet" will be held after the high-five meet
[Tokyo] July 3-5
*on the 5th a "Meet and Greet" will be held after the high-five meet

*Please make sure to read
1. After showing the staff the ticket in your hand and the screen where it can be checked that you have completed the purchase of other live performance tickets, only the one who has been checked can join.
2. Please understand that only those who will viewing their second time, with live performance tickets of the artist, regardless of the ground role, or those who are scheduled to view, can join.
3. Guiding in the venue will begin 3 hours before the actual performance on the day itself. We will be setting booths in the venue that can guide you on the day itself so please make sure to complete the process to apply for the bonus item 30 minutes before the performance starts.

4. After all performances are over (after the After-Performance talk, Ryeo Wook will not have a After-Performance Talk) you can line up at the time, location and adjusted ticket that will be informed to you during the process beforehand on the day itself. Please make sure to act accordingly as staff directs you. 
5. We foresee that the venue on the day itself will be an extremely congested state. Everyone, please make sure to participate according as staff directs you.
6. On the day itself, there is a possibility that the sequence that we have given as a guide will overlap with a sequence that we have informed in advance. Please act according to as the staff guides. 

7. If this is your 5th or more time, you can't join overlapping times therefore please join after understanding. 

Also, with regard to the musical, please understand that even if we receive your inquiries to the Super junior official site, or the Super Junior official fan club "E.L.F-JAPAN", we cannot answer.